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How Can You Tell If You Made Her Orgasm Or Mutiple Orgasm?

Unfortunately, there’s No way of telling if you made her orgasm or not. Her being “wet” just means she’s horny. Has nothing to do with you.

However things you may notice include:
The skin on her face, chest and neck reddens. It does it for a short period of time. (Also known as a sex flush)
Also girls will moan like crazy (screaming type moan) that lasts about 10 seconds and sometimes has shiver like symptoms.

Some woman have no problem being vocal and voicing when having an orgasm. However if is vocal the whole time moaning or seems to do it to get you to finish, it’s completely FAKE

When having an orgasm or especially multiple ones, they will do everything from scream, what they want you to do, dig nails in your back, dig there nails in the bed or sheets, pull your hair tight, cry, and in extreme cases they will black out for a moment.

A small percentage of woman during orgasm will experience female ejaculation

On occasion, you can tell if orgasmed by if she gets hard nipples. But, if always gets hard nipples during sex or turned on then you won’t be able to tell.

Remember: Girls are PROS at lying. Even if you say “please tell me the truth so I know what to do better next time”
Her response “It was great. I orgasmed twice. You did great”

If she pulls out a dildo or toy to please herself after your done:
1. She didn’t come, not even get pleasure from it
2. Is telling you “you don’t know what your doing”
3. Is extremely beyond disrespectful (I’ve only heard this story once)
4. Doesn’t care about your feelings or making you feel like shit. She’s in complete control or would never pull it out.
5. If you don’t get upset or care it shows she has all the POWER in bed and the relationship.
6. It’s just flat out disrespectful. A normal woman would wait until you were gone, wait until you were sleeping, take a bath and do in there. NEVER right after and NEVER in front of you.
7. It’s also embarrassing because girls gossip and telling everyone “I have to use my toy when he’s done, it’s that bad”

How Do You Know If Your Girlfriend is Cheating On You?

1. How many times do you see him/her? Do they act like they want to see you or busy?

2. How often does he/she call?

3. How many times are you together? Do you have fun? Or mostly quiet and either wants sex only or makes excuses for sex?

4. Does she fake an orgasm quick in hopes you’ll finish?

5. Is your BF/GF talking about another guy? Or continually putting someone down?

6. Do they get upset when you visit or want to come visit unannounced?

7. Pay attention to changes in personalities, changing interests including music, political views, social issues, favorite books or movies.

8. Is she using you because she’s lonely and depressed?

9. Has his or her friends started acting suspicious or oddly around you?

10. Do you only talk on text or other network like Facebook messenger?

11. Do they not want to talk sometimes or need a break?

12. Have they said they think they just want to be friends?

If your partner is cheating, chances are they are not opposed to lying as well. If ask about signs, and the signs suddenly disappear, usually means covering something up.

A liar (especially one you love or infatuated with) can convince you to stop trusting your gut when you brings things up. A liar and cheater can convince you that your just being stupid and paranoid and that the suspicions you have are all normal.

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